Postpartum Recovery Program

With Coach Joanie Johnson, CES, DCC, CPT, CHC


The Postpartum Recovery Program is a journey of healing, regaining balance, building strength in your body and connecting with yourself beginning day 1, post birth. 

This self paced, 6-part series is dedicated to building a movement foundation that will correct muscular and postural imbalances, strengthen your core and address diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. This foundation ensures that you move onto the next phase of your journey free from pain, without injury, feeling strong and embodying a level of awareness and body confidence like you've never experienced before.

*This program is appropriate for anyone who's had a vaginal or C-section delivery . You will have access to the video content for 1-yr as well as a supportive community to keep you motivated through this exciting process of education and self discovery.

You deserve to feel like yourself again.

Series 1

Rebuilding Your Foundation

Series 1 focuses on checking in on your body and breathwork. You'll learn the building blocks of how to access the muscles of your deep inner core in order to start rebuilding your core after birth.

Series 2

Reconnecting To Your Core

Slow and steady. You'll apply the foundation from series 1 into every single movement repetition in series 2. This work is all done on the ground and may feel more like a workout for your brain as you work towards strengthening your reconnection to the core.

Series 3

Spinal Stability

We’ll start to lead your body through different levels, with each position adding a new challenge to your core. The goal is to maintain spinal and pelvic stability throughout this entire series before moving onto the next.

Series 4

Deepening Core Holds

For this series, the goal is to further deepen your core integration by engaging the core for longer lengths of time, get you moving through different planes of motion and connect to your posterior body.

Series 5

Building Postural Strength

The goal at the end of this series is to get you standing! You've followed a natural progression from laying supine, to side lying, to quadruped to kneeling...a similar progression human babies go through in order to learn to stand and walk. There's no coincidence that deep core integration and recovery happens in exactly the same pattern.

Series 6

Primal Movement Mechanics

This series walk you through a check for Diastasis Recti and starts strengthening you for all the movement mechanics that come up in your day to day life: standing, walking, balancing on one foot, squatting, lunging, rotating. By the time you get to the final workout, you will have literally rebuilt your body from the ground up.

What's included:

  • Breathing Exercises to begin immediately after birth
  • Stretches to alleviate the most common postpartum aches and pains.
  • 25-Foundation videos broken into 6, work at your own pace series
  • 4-"Workouts" to combine the movement foundations into a routine to practice
  • 9 - "Get Moving" videos to teach you how to move through the new physical demands of your daily life without aches and pains.
  •  Pelvic Floor Education videos
  • 6- Video Check Points via video submission for you to receive customized feedback from a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Email support as needed to get all your postpartum workout questions answered.
  • A private community space via the Transformation Nation membership platform to to hold each other accountable, ask questions, and encourage one another to become the strongest version of yourself possible.