Mastering Core Breathing

With Coach Joanie Johnson, CES, DCC, CPT, CHC

What: 4- week program that includes educational videos, and a workout plan to help you master core breathing.

Why: Core breathing is cued in nearly every pre/postnatal workout on the market right now. Learn the why and how so you can optimize all your workouts.

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Core Breathing has taken the pre and postnatal industry by storm...but what is it? And how do you know if you are doing it correctly?

After this 4 week program, you will understand why core breathing is the foundation to strengthening and protecting your core and pelvic floor through trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond and never question whether or not you are doing it correctly again.

*This program is designed to be a 4-week program and appropriate for anyone trying to conceive through any stage of pregnancy, postpartum & parenting.  You will have rental access to the program for 3 months after purchase.

Automate Core Breathing into all your workouts and daily activities in 4 weeks

Week 1

Education & Assessment

Learn the why behind diaphgragmatic breathing, how it affects your nervous system and why that is important to your core. You'll also guide yourself through a breathing assessment to measure your starting point.

Week 2

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learn proper diaphragmatic breathing and practice incorporating it into all your workouts for a week.

Week 3

Pelvic Floor

Learn how to properly contract and relax your pelvic floor and practice incorporating it into all your workouts for a week.

Week 4

Core Breathing Belly Pump®

This is where we put it all together! This week will combine everything you've been working on and you'll practice using your new core breathing in all your workouts. 

You'll end the week by re-testing your breathing assessment from week 1 and celebrate your progress!


Education and Workouts

Bonuses include:

  • "Get Moving" mini workshop
  • 30-min Strength Training Workout
  • 30-min Gratitude Flow
  • Pelvic Floor Releases and Stretches

How It Works:

Upon registration, you'll be given access to the "Mastering Core Breathing Bundle". This will contain all 4 weeks of your workouts + Bonuses. You'll also be sent a downloadable PDF calendar of the workouts to follow and have access to the program for 90 days. After that time, you'll be invited to join us as an official Transformation Nation member!